Flutter template to bootstrap your app and save you months of development

Spend time working on your app.
Not coding subscriptions, authentications, notifications...

🎁 50% reduction (For the next 50)

flutter app template

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👇 What is ApparenceKit?

We provides customizable Flutter templates for all your needs

Leverage our agency's expertise to boostrap your upcoming application.
Focus on your business using our enterprise-grade best practices.
Customize everything to fit your needs.


Notifications are a key part of the user experience. Handle push notifications, local notifications and engage your users.

1 week saved

Subscription payments

Monetize your app with in-app subscriptions for Android and iOS.

1 week saved


Secure and persistant authentication. Plus pre-built UI for login, signup and forgot password.

1 week saved


Use your own backend or firebase according to your needs.

1 week saved

Social logins

Add social logins with right plugin to your app using a CLI command.

1 week saved

Bottom navigation

Easy adaptive navigation bar for Android and iOS made with routes.

3 days saved


Hunt down and annihilate bugs in seconds with our solid test suite and practices.

infinite headaches saved

In-app reviews

You can only ask for a review 3 times a year. Request one at the right time to rank your app at the top of the stores.

3 days saved


Our documentation is always up to date and easy to follow. Plus we provides tons of guides to help you deploy your app on stores.

Weeks saved


Create light and dark themes for your app in seconds. Allowing also to easily create custom theme per platform if needed.

1 week saved


Come and join our community of flutter developers. Share your experience and get help from other developers.

headaches saved


Compile your app for the web with the same codebase.

weeks saved

Setup your project in 10 seconds

Using our CLI, you can create a new project in 10 seconds.
Choose between standard backend or firebase.
(Coming next supabase...)

app milestone

app milestone

Ready to go authentication

Authentication is boring. We have developped a ready to go authentication module for you.
We also provides a CLI command to help you generate Social Authentications boilerplate and importing the required packages.

Monetize in 1 hour

In-App subscriptions are amazing to monetize your app. But it takes time to understand how it works and how to implement.
We did it for you.

We also provides a complete UI
- Plan selection
- Restore purchase from another device
- Current plan review
- Cancel subscription

All you need is to setup your products on the App Store Connect and Google Play Console.

app milestone

Create a scalable app using our experience of creating 40+ Flutter apps


Don't worry about the architecture, we got you covered.
Use our ready to go architecture to create a scalable app. We used riverpod as state management and the best practices for you.

Effortless Integration

Seamlessly integrate backend services and APIs for dynamic app experiences.
Or use our ready to go firebase module.

CI/CD ready

Use our ready to go CI/CD pipeline from testing to deploy your app to the stores.
Using Github or Gitlab as you prefer.

kickstarter for flutter apps

Complete documentation

We covered everything you need to know to create your app with the best scalable practices.
From the architecture to the CI/CD pipeline, you will find everything you need to know.
Our starter is 100% covered by tests.

How it works


Get access

After a one time payment you get access to our Github repository

Clone the code

Just clone the code on your machine

Setup your project

Open the setup guide and follow the steps. The package also contains a complete demo.


One-time purchase for unlimited projects

50% off for the next 50


500€ 250€

For solo makers who wants to create a successful app

  • 1 year updates included
  • All templates included
  • ApparenceKit command line tool
  • Access to the Discord community



For teams and companies who wants to create quality app

  • 1 year updates included
  • All templates included
  • ApparenceKit command line tool
  • Access to the Discord community
  • Dedicated support on demand

They are using it

60+ developpers are already using ApparenceKit

user avatar

Louis Korczowski

Siopi.ai Co-founder | PhD - AI & ML

Best buy in the world to launch your app in just a few days.
When we developed Siopi.ai, we spent days integrating necessary but non-native features (e.g. subscription, user reviews, email validation, etc.).

These are things that are mandatory for a modern app, yet it's hell to integrate (and a waste of time). For 100€ I could have saved several weeks of development, moldy debugging and useless fatigue.

user avatar

K. Nguyen


Hey Apparance Team,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a big thanks for that boilerplate code you shared.
Made my life way easier and saved me a ton of time.

Kudos to you!

user avatar

Pieter van der Westhuizen


Coming from a BloC background, I purchased AppearanceKit for learning Riverpod. In the process I discovered a treasure trove of developer wisdom. It’s an exemplary guide for app architecture, theming,  notifications, and in-app purchases. It's transformed the way I'm building my next app.
Definitely worth the investment!

user avatar

Shams Ali


I’ve used ApparenceKit in one of my new projects. It’s well structured and saved me a lot of time as it includes all the necessary things any modern app requires.

Thank you a lot for putting your best in it, I’d recommend it to anyone creating apps with Flutter.

kickstarter for flutter apps

Fair refund policy

Within 14 days of purchase, if you aren't satisfied with the ApparenceKit, reach out and you'll get 100% refund.
No questions asked.

Who are we?

We are a french 🇫🇷 team of developers who loved flutter since we tried it 5 years ago.
Since then we have been using it for our personal projects and for our clients.

  • We released more than 40 apps on the stores.
  • We released more than 10 open source packages and plugins.
  • Our Camera plugin is the second most used camera plugin on pub.dev with 750 ⭐️ (just behind the official one)

Check our portfolio

kickstarter for flutter apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating an app is easy.
Creating a successful app is not.

You can build as many apps as you want. There is no limit. You get access to the repository and can use it for as many projects as you want.
Within 14 days of purchase, if you aren't satisfied with the kit, reach out and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked. Reach out on Twitter or by email at support@apparence.io

Yes, we provide a complete documentation to help you get started. We also provide a complete support with the Entreprise plan.

Of course you can.
We suggest you to use Firebase if you want to go faster but you can use whatever you want. The pro plan is the best to use your own backend.

None! You can get value out of the kit if you're a total beginner making your first app or a seasoned pro who wants to save time. It is recommended, however, that you have a bit of knowledge in Flutter. Also there is tons of documentation to help you get started.

The pro plan is a clean hexagonal architecture with great unit tests.

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