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Create a better app without the limitations of FlutterFlow.
ApparenceKit is a flutter app template that provides anything you need to build a flutter app in a few weeks.


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Why ApparenceKit is the best alternative to FlutterFlow?

Heres why people using flutterflow thinks you should prefer using real code.

Due to the infancy of the platform, FllutterFlow can be buggy. Unfortunately, the support function is severely lacking. It is not uncommon not to hear from them for days or on some issues, especially if the problems are relatively complex. This is on paid plans. Hoping they get the bug issues under control soon so they can focus a bit more on support.

it may not be suitable for complex applications. Since the platform is based on pre-built components, it may not be able to handle advanced customizations or complex features. Additionally, since the platform generates code automatically, developers may not have as much control over the final codebase.

...Having to redo screens that where working and then stopped for what seemed to be minor changes. I have been downloading the code from GitHub and haven't yet but want to compare the working code with the non-working code to see what is what..

...We want them to stop churning out new features and start fixing bugs. Every time they release a new update, it invariably breaks things in our application that we then have to track down and fix. We lose time and money every time we hit a bug in their interface that requires us to tunnel around it. We lose time and money every time something breaks on which we've come to depend, requiring us to find a new solution.

...The features are really limited. You still have to code for certain features.

...If you have a simple CRUD app, that is mostly fetching and creating data I think it's ok to use it, you can still export the code later and make some changes. If you have a more complex UI and app I would not use it, i will take more time to figure everything out, not to mention that if build all your code with Flow I can be hard to maintained later as your app and feature growth. So in short, I will not use it for complex app.

👇 What is ApparenceKit in 2 minutes?

Don't limit your app with FlutterFlow, use real code

Here are the three most important reasons why an app template is better than any no-code tool


A great architecture is the key to a great app.
It allows you to scale your app and add new features easily. No-code tools like FlutterFlow will generate a lot of code that will be hard to maintain. (see the reviews above)

Effortless Integration

You can easily add your own integration or customize the existing ones. Don't wait for FlutterFlow to add the integration you need. You can do it yourself in a few minutes.

Use unit tests

No code tools like FlutterFlow don't allow you to write unit tests. So you have to test your entire app manually after each change. This result in a lot of time wasted. With real code properly tested you can be sure that your app is working as expected just by pushing a button.

We provides customizable Flutter templates for all your needs

Focus on your business using our enterprise-grade best practices.
As this is code you can customize everything to fit your needs.


Notifications are a key part of the user experience. Handle push notifications, local notifications and engage your users.

1 week saved

Subscription payments

Monetize your app with in-app subscriptions for Android and iOS.

1 week saved


Secure and persistant authentication. Plus pre-built UI for login, signup and forgot password.

1 week saved


Use your own backend or firebase according to your needs.

1 week saved

Social logins

Add social logins with right plugin to your app using a CLI command.

1 week saved

Bottom navigation

Easy adaptive navigation bar for Android and iOS made with routes.

3 days saved


Hunt down and annihilate bugs in seconds with our solid test suite and practices.

infinite headaches saved

In-app reviews

You can only ask for a review 3 times a year. Request one at the right time to rank your app at the top of the stores.

3 days saved


Our documentation is always up to date and easy to follow. Plus we provides tons of guides to help you deploy your app on stores.

Weeks saved


Create light and dark themes for your app in seconds. Allowing also to easily create custom theme per platform if needed.

1 week saved


Come and join our community of flutter developers. Share your experience and get help from other developers.

headaches saved


Compile your app for the web with the same codebase.

weeks saved

And many more...

How it works


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After a one time payment you get access to our Github repository

Clone the code

Just clone the code on your machine

Setup your project

Open the setup guide and follow the steps. The package also contains a complete demo.
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Enjoy your purchase with complete peace of mind

10 days guarantee for all purchases.
No questions asked.

Start making your own mobile and web app using our flutter app template

Spend time working on your mobile App, not setting up subscription, authentications... and other boring code

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