Setup ApparenceKit with Http Client


You must have installed

1 - Generate your app

Now ApparenceKit CLI installed, you can run the setup command to setup the template with your needs.

Open a terminal and run the following command in the root of your project:

dart pub global run apparence_cli setup . 

You will be asked to choose between using Firebase or Supabase or Http Client.
Choose Http client then press enter.

You will also be asked about

  • Using Sentry for error reporting
  • Using Firebase Remote Config for A/B testing
  • Using Mixpanel for analytics
  • Adding Internationalization
  • Adding introduction screens ...

2 - Setup firebase for notifications or remote config

ApparenceKit uses Firebase Cloud Messaging to send notifications to your users.
So you need to install the firebase_tools

We need firebase for the push notifications or remote config.

  • Google force us to create a project for Android application
  • Firebase allows us to send push notifications to iOS and Android devices

You must first create a firebase project here

Install firebase cli

On Mac, you can install it with

brew install firebase-cli

Or with npm

npm install -g firebase-tools

Check the official documentation for other OS.

Login to firebase

firebase login

Flutterfire cli

Flutter fire cli is a tool to generate firebase configuration files with flutter.

Install it with

dart pub global activate flutterfire_cli

Configure your project (dev environment here)

# flutterfire configure --project=YOUR_PROJECT_NAME --out lib/firebase_options_[environment].dart 
# Ex: 
flutterfire configure --project=apparencekit-pro --out lib/firebase_options_dev.dart 

This will output a configuration file into your lib folder.
Create as many environments as you need.

Remove firebase generated files

I recommend you to remove any firebase generated files from Android / iOS folders.
Flutter recently added a new way to configure firebase, relying on dart code.

  • remove the google-services.json file from the android/app folder
  • remove the GoogleService-Info.plist file from the ios/Runner folder

Setup firebase

import 'package:apparence_kit/firebase_options_dev.dart' as firebase_dev;
void main() async {
    await env.when(
        dev: (_) => Firebase.initializeApp(
            options: firebase_dev.DefaultFirebaseOptions.currentPlatform,